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How to Optimize Environmental Monitoring Using Direct Mass Spectrometry


Conventional methods for analysis of trace volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air, soil, and water usually involve significant sample preparation followed by slow chromatographic analysis. Direct mass spectrometry (DMS) provides opportunities for simplification – or even elimination – of sample preparation, plus real-time or high-throughput sample analysis.

This Webinar will introduce selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS), a DMS technique that provides highly sensitive and selective analysis of a wide range of compounds by applying eight rapidly switchable soft chemical ionization agents. Diverse VOCs (such as benzene and formaldehyde) and inorganic gases (such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide) are detected in a single, simple analysis. Various environmental applications of SIFT-MS will be discussed, ranging from real-time ambient air monitoring to high-throughput soil and water analysis.

An audience Q&A will be included.


Will Kerr, Technical Sales Specialist, Syft Technologies
Vaughan Langford, Principal Scientist/Consultant, Syft Technologies


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International