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How to Avoid PCB Re-spins when IC’s Change or are Obsoleted


Working with printed circuit boards (PCBs) for sophisticated military, aerospace, or medical systems can be a frustrating – and expensive – exercise, particularly when the customer requests “a simple upgrade” or modification after the boards have been made or after deployment. Thanks to Murphy’s Law, these “simple upgrades” are never as simple as they should be, Aries has developed a unique solution that can save you from having to re-spin your PCB due to IC obsolescence or package change.

The Aries Correct-A-Chip™ adaptor will take the new (or updated) IC and/or package and TRANSFORM (i.e. adapt) it to the existing PCB footprint design. And it will do it within a minimum amount of space, saving you the hassle of going through a time-consuming, expensive PCB Re-spin.

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Paul Ruo, VP of Sales and Marketing, Aries Electronics