On-Demand Webinars: Test & Measurement

Solving Complex Measurement Problems with PXI


The PXI platform is one of the primary test and measurement standards in use today and is being deployed to solve a range of complex measurement problems. This 60-minute Webinar will examine the latest PXI specification updates and discuss how two systems integrators are using the PXI platform to develop high-performance solutions that employ multiple LF/RF/uW channels, synchronization, and support high test throughput. The panel of experts will explore the following topics.

  • "Updates and Enhancements to PXI Specifications” will be discussed by Jonathan Hearn with National Instruments. He’ll present an overview from the technical committee about significant updates to the specification, which includes support for the Linux® operating system and the capability to support higher power PXI modules and chassis. Since the PXISA specification release in 1998, the specifications have evolved based on advancements in card module technology and requests from both suppliers and users associated with supporting evolving/future test needs. The September 2018 release updated several technical specifications associated with the standard that affects both software and hardware specifications.
  • "Designing a Universal Smart Grid Test Platform with PXI” will be presented by Sean Casey with Circuit Check. The design of a production universal test system for product families requires the use of diverse measurement hardware that is best served through the modularity, density, and scalability of the PXI platform. The smart grid industry is evolving into products that require multiple RF disciplines (e.g. software defined radio) as well as advanced security techniques. This presentation will discuss the development process of a smart grid universal test system to meet the requirements for testing multiple DUTs and the decisions that led to utilizing the PXI platform as the main hardware solution.
  • "Leveraging PXI Express for Real-Time I/O in the Digital and Microwave Domains” will be presented by Charles Greenberg of Astronics Test Systems. It will provide digital and microwave application examples that utilize PXI Express resources to achieve extraordinary levels of performance for automotive and adaptive radar, quantum computing, and digital bus simulation and development. It will also show how power-hungry instrumentation problems requiring extreme speed, scalability, and synchronization are solved with the PXI platform. Examples will include data streaming via eight lanes of GEN3 PCI Express between the host PC and the FPGA and implementation of real-time tasks such as control loops and handshake protocols as part of an FPGA application. The presentation also will include a demonstration of how PXI is used to generate phase-coherent microwave signals with minimal skew for building phased-array systems and multi-target radar simulations.

An audience Q&A will follow these technical presentations.


Jonathan Hearn, Principal Software Engineer, National Instruments
Sean Casey, Test System Engineering Manager, Circuit Check
Charles Greenberg, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Astronics Test Systems


Rick Nelson, Editorial Consultant