On-Demand Webinars: Automotive

Leveraging Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Automotive Lightweighting


Advanced manufacturing technologies have unlocked new levels of performance and personalization in the automotive industry. However, legacy software tools have hindered the adoption of these new manufacturing technologies, with hours wasted filleting models, repairing meshes, and translating between an array of specialty tools.

In order for engineers to deliver high-performing parts at a fast speed, they need software tools that meet the demands of advanced manufacturing technologies while also reducing design bottlenecks. With these key factors in mind, nTop Platform, a computational modeling software, was developed to not only optimize and iterate upon existing CAD models, but to also conduct design explorations and trade studies without the fear of models breaking, and enable an architected materials approach to part design while being compatible with existing processes and PLM.

In this 30-minute webinar, an application expert will demonstrate how geometry can be leveraged for competitive advantage and highlight two key automotive case studies live: lightweighting of structural components, and rapid design iterations for the personalization of aesthetic components.


Jonathan Harris, Ph.D., Lead Application Engineer, nTopology


Linda, Bell, Editorial Director, Tech Briefs Media Group