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Thermal Management Crisis: Knowing Your Passive Solution Options


Product development engineers are continually challenged to make the next-generation design of their devices smaller and lighter while increasing functionality. Next-generation sensors, power amplifiers, and FPGAs ensure that power consumption will continue to increase, and industrial designers are forced to be masters at packaging “10 pounds in a 5-pound bag.” What’s often overlooked is the thermal management required for those devices, which are now more powerful and typically packaged in a way to limit direct conductive or convective cooling.

When engineers move beyond a basic copper or aluminum heat sink, they’re tasked with learning about all the options for thermal management. A more powerful passive technology is often their first choice in order to avoid the added complexity and maintenance of fans or pumps. This 30-minute Webinar explains the basic principles of the technologies as well as the elements of designing them into their systems.

The Webinar also covers the following topics:

  • Heat pipe design best practices
  • Heat pipe modeling guidelines
  • HiK™ benefits and implementation
  • Phase change materials (PCM) best practices and implementation

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.

For more information on the presented passive thermal technologies, and any other thermal technology you’re considering in your design, please visit www.1-ACT.com .


Deniz Pamukcu, Business Development & Product Design, Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc.
Ryan Spangler, Lead Engineer, Defense/Aerospace Products, Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc.


Linda Bell, Tech Briefs Media Group