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Calibre nmLVS-Recon Early Circuit Verification Helps Reduce Time to Market


This Webinar explains how to speed up early design analysis while reducing overall design closure time. It also discusses why early verification is necessary in today’s market and why you should use it to focus on the errors most likely to slow down your process flows.

It examines an innovative tool, called Calibre nmLVS-Recon, that provides automated early circuit verification, showing how it enables design teams to find and fix selective high-impact circuit errors earlier and faster in dirty, incomplete, and immature designs. It introduces the first Calibre nmLVS-Recon use model, short isolation analysis, and the way to methodically find and quickly fix selected shorts errors during early design integration stages.


Hend Wagieh, Senior Product Manager, Calibre Circuit Verification, Mentor, a Siemens Business