White Paper: Aerospace

Critical Factors in Selecting an EMS Company for Aerospace Products


For aerospace products, where requirements are stringent and device failure is not an option, choosing an EMS partner can be critical. Knowledge of an EMS company’s certifications, processes, facilities, service, and support, can lead to success in your selection.

This white paper reports on research done by Digicom Electronics, an EMS company in the California Bay Area, on methods to mitigate device failure, and discusses what to look for when seeking a manufacturer for your aerospace products.

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • The new AS9100:2016 (Rev D) aerospace quality certification and what you can discover about an EMS company that achieves it
  • Special PCB cleaning procedures that get PCBs cleaner than the IPC standard required for military applications
  • How using nitrogen during the reflow, selective, and hand soldering processes, can reduce defect levels 50 to 60 percent.
  • How to select an EMS company for your aerospace products

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