White Paper: RF & Microwave Electronics

Introduction to SAW Filter Theory & Design Techniques


API Technologies offers a wide range of high quality standard and custom Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) product solutions. API believes in a flexible approach and possesses high volume capability and world wide support.

In theory, an ideal filter would possess no loss, an instantaneous transition from the pass band to the stop band, infinite stop band attenuation, no signal distortion introduced by the filter and have very small size and cost. In reality, many tradeoffs need to be considered when selecting a filter for a system design. An advantage of SAW filter technology is the realization of parts with reduced size and weight; hence, a lower cost than other filter technologies since the same type of process equipment that IC manufacturers rely upon can be adapted for use to manufacture a SAW product.

This white paper will present some general SAW theory and performance as well as applications to help guide the RF designer.

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