White Paper: Aerospace

High-Precision Analysis of Small Parts for Aerospace and Automotive Applications


For quality control and production managers of metalworking manufacturers, small parts can present a real challenge. Customers — particularly in aerospace, automotive, and other critical industries and applications — demand tight QC at every step of the supply chain. So every part must meet every specification, all along the line. However, metal wires, rods, or screws and other fasteners less than approximately 6 centimeters (2.3 inches) in their greatest dimension, as well as thin metal plates or sheets, are notoriously hard to analyze. Many analyzers are not well-suited to the task. That can lead to real problems when it comes to these safety-related components — including regulatory penalties, reworking of parts, finished product recalls, or even more catastrophic consequences. Download this informative paper to survey the benefits and drawbacks of existing approaches. And determine the analytical solution that offers the best answer for your small-parts testing.

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