White Paper: Aerospace

Disruption in Aerospace and Defense Is Here: Are You Ready?


The next generation of aircraft will be different from anything seen before. Disruptive initiatives like electrification, digitalization, autonomy and additive manufacturing are ushering in changes across the whole aerospace and defense industry, bringing with them new business models and a new generation of companies challenging for market share.

These initiatives are driving innovation at a pace never seen before and it is simply too expensive, time-consuming and in many cases impossible to continue with traditional design and development approaches that rely heavily on physical testing and incremental technology demonstrators.

So, how are companies overcoming these barriers? They are embracing digitalization and innovation through simulation to accelerate new product introductions. By simulating real-world conditions using software, companies can evaluate thousands of product scenarios in a safe, controlled environment and answer the “what-if” and “how can I” questions they have about their products, while meeting deadlines and reducing development costs.

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