White Paper: Defense

Design Tips for Large Plastic Reusable Containers


The standard size of a reusable plastic case would seem to preclude its use to package large, heavy items. However, just because a part is big and bulky doesn’t mean that it cannot utilize a custom, airtight, reusable plastic case. Large industrial, aerospace, military, and automotive components in particular can benefit from this type of durable packaging.

A combination of mechanical structures and mounting and cushioning methods, along with unique labeling and custom accessories, can adequately contain and protect the parts for the long haul. This Technical Brief offers several key design tips to consider when designing a custom long-life reusable container (LLRC) into an airtight, durable, plastic case.

Design tips include:

  • Ensuring Airtight/Watertight Protection
  • Proper Shock Insulators
  • Reverse Application Design
  • Mechanical Handling Considerations
  • Smart Labeling

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