White Paper: Aerospace

Recoma®HT: Rare Earth Magnets for High Temperatures


Arnold Magnetic Technologies has developed Samarium Cobalt magnets for a wide range of applications. The RECOMA®HT grade magnets were developed specifically for applications operating at extremely high temperatures (360°C to 520°C). In order to do this, RECOMA®HT magnets were developed with a lower Reversible Temperature Coefficient (RTC) – this is a measure of percentage reduction in properties per degree Kelvin. The tradeoff is that RECOMA®HT are not as strong at room temperature when compared to typical Samarium Cobalt magnets, but if the application’s operating temperature exceeds 300°C, RECOMA®HT magnets will outperform the typical Samarium Cobalt magnet grades.

When you have a high temperature Mission Critical Application underwater, on land, in the air, or in space, make sure to consider the benefits of using RECOMA®HT to ensure success.

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