White Paper: Medical

Ensuring the Reliability of Disposable Syringes with Light-Cure Adhesives


Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of disposable medical syringe production involves permanently and safely attaching the stainless steel cannula to the plastic hub. This joint is critical to the safety of syringes found on hypodermic and biopsy needles, syringes, winged infusion sets, blood lancets, and a variety of other devices. In all these applications, poor hub-to-cannula assembly could result in leakage of bodily fluids and medication or catastrophic device failure, situations that could be dangerous to the patient and the medical professional. Mechanical failure of a syringe can cause painful insertion or extraction, seal failure during use, cancellation of a procedure, or other unsafe complications.

This white paper discusses simplified, cost-effective needle-to-hub assembly, including finding the “right” adhesive technology for the application, substrate selection, joint design considerations, dispense, dwell, and cure requirements, parts inspection/in-line detection, sterilization techniques, and ensuring reliability of the finished component.

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