White Paper: Medical

Wear-time Comparison of Three Pressure-sensitive Acrylic Skin Adhesives


This study’s aim was to quantify and understand the adhesive performance of acrylic pressure sensitive skin adhesives when used in a prototypical wearable device worn on the back of the arm.

Three different skin adhesives were tested in similar product constructions: MED 5750A, which is increasingly being favored in wearable applications, was compared to MED 5769A and MED 5725P which are similar in construction, but use adhesives optimized for use in wound care and ostomy applications, respectively. The primary efficacy end point of interest was total wear time and secondary endpoints of interest were adhesion percentage and comfort level. Data from participants were collected via telephone interviews. Results from this comparative study showed that the acrylic skin adhesive used on MED 5750A, reliably yields a 7-10 day wear time and was superior to both MED 5769A and MED 5725P in this regard. The results emphasize the importance of selecting the right adhesive for the right application.

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