White Paper: Medical

Antimicrobial Polyurethane Foams Provide Advanced, Effective Wound Care


Caring for wounds effectively is a top concern for hospitals, particularly in today’s climate of chronic diseases and the rising geriatric population. Wound dressings that prevent infection and are durable as well as comfortable for the patient are on the top of manufacturers minds as they develop the next generation of products for the medical industry. Manufacturers often turn to silver as an antimicrobial agent, but there are risks.

This whitepaper, “Antimicrobial Polyurethane Foams Provide Advanced, Effective Wound Care” discusses the innovative foams now available for wound dressings that offer quick kill and long-term efficacy for desired infection prevention. Written by industry experts, it will review the current wound care landscape and examine the benefits of including nanosilver-modified antimicrobial foam in wound care dressings. You will also discover the latest research findings to provide wound dressings that meet the patients’ needs and expectations.

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