White Paper: Medical

Staying Up to Date on Traceability in the Medical Industry


Driven by the need for patient safety and better efficiency, the medical industry is becoming more strictly regulated and more heavily automated. Medical device manufacturers face the challenge of complying with the latest FDA UDI regulations, while professionals in clinical diagnostics are seeking to implement the highest-quality laboratory automation systems without significantly disrupting the systems already in place.

Traceability – the practice of marking individual parts, products and patient samples with identifying information, usually in the form of a barcode – is essential for ensuring regulatory compliance and for making the transition to automated systems happen smoothly. Our new white paper on traceability in the medical industry presents several trends in this important practice that has been a decades-long focus of ours. The paper also discusses several key technologies that can help build a robust, real-time traceability system and get the greatest possible value from it.

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