White Paper: Test & Measurement

The Right X-Ray Solutions for Medical Components, Assemblies and Devices


Manufacturers in the medical device sector face quality and process control challenges. Medical device components frequently need to be inspected without being destroyed and can be very small. They often require fixturing and consist of an assortment of thin-walled, low-density materials — such as plastics, light metals, ceramics and more — that must be validated before and after assembly. Parts are becoming increasingly complex, with customers demanding critical dimensions and tighter tolerances. Manufacturers must also incorporate regulatory compliance requirements while staying competitive in a data-driven market. Only a forward-thinking approach can meet and exceed the expectations of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), customers and regulators.

X-ray and industrial computed tomography (CT) generate detailed internal and external views without destroying the part. These capabilities speed up product development time, increase cost-effectiveness and simplify failure analysis and phase inspection of medication deliverables and other complex devices while supplying necessary data. X-ray technology is the key to getting to the core of a part, and the ZEISS X-Ray Series offers a full metrology, inspection and analysis solution for your medical device portfolio.

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