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Mechatronic Integration for Precision Medical Device Linear MotionMechatronic Integration for Precision Medical Device Linear Motion


Nowhere is the need for smooth, precise, repeatable and reliable motion more critical than with medical devices and equipment. In applications ranging from diagnostics and dispensing to imaging and scanning, a common challenge emerges: to translate the rotary motion of a motor into highly accurate and smoothly controlled linear motion within increasingly compact spaces.

Integration for Superior Performance

NSK’s MBSA Series Motorized Ball Screw Actuator is a fully integrated, highly compact and high-performing solution for precision-critical medical devices and laboratory equipment. With smooth friction-free motion, high-accuracy positioning and high operating efficiencies, it offers considerable advantages versus conventional solutions. Compact and fully integrated, the MBSA delivers exponentially superior accuracy. It’s the result of our global expertise in precision-ground ball screws and mechatronic integration, and reflects the focused commitment of all NSK automation initiatives:

  • Streamline: consolidating multiple components into a single, compact and coherent solution
  • Simplify: reducing installation complexity and eliminating potential alignment errors
  • Support: dedicated collaboration, project management, and technical expertise

MBSA Design Features

MBSA features a precision-ground, C3-accuracy ball screw directly integrated into a NEMA stepper motor. A configurable encoder can be preassembled to the motor, allowing communication with a variety of controllers/drivers. Available with ball screw shaft diameters of 6 and 8 mm, with leads of 1 and 2 mm, and screw shaft thread lengths range from 50 to 250 mm. It can be ordered with NEMA 14 and 17 size motors, and additional ball screw and motor frames are available upon request.

Further Information

To learn more about NSK innovation in mechatronic integration for medical equipment, download the MBSA Technical Insight.

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