White Paper: Medical

Passivation, Pickling or Electropolishing: Which Metal Finishing Process Is Right for Your Parts?


In our latest whitepaper, we explore the differences and benefits of three common metal finishing techniques. From microcracks and microburrs to oxide scale, ferrous contaminants and more – metal parts can suffer a variety of surface imperfections left behind by machining and welding processes. Untreated, these defects can impair the fit, function, and finish of critical metal parts used in food manufacturing, medical devices, aerospace, and many other industries.

Able Electropolishing’s whitepaper, Passivation, Pickling, or Electropolishing: Which Metal Finishing Process is Right for Your Parts, reviews the advantages and disadvantages of these metal finishing methods. Additionally, the whitepaper covers:

  • How passivation, pickling, and electropolishing work
  • Key differences between these finishing techniques
  • How to determine which process is right for your metal parts
  • Electropolishing for precise, consistent, and effective finishing, and more

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