White Paper: Electronics & Computers

Meeting the Emerging Challenges in Manufacturing: The Practical Applications of Lightweight Robotics


Today’s global marketplace is changing the dynamics of manufacturing. The speed of business is accelerating, competition has increased and maintaining high-quality products using manual production methods is not always sustainable. Additionally, the high-volume, low-mix manufacturing model is being replaced by lower volumes and higher product mixes. To operate effectively in this environment, manufacturing agility is key. Large, centralized production plants are becoming outdated—giving way to factories of the future that are small, flexible, movable and local.

These trends are driving the development of lightweight robotics and desktop automation solutions, which provide scalable, modular functionality in compact packages. Not only do these technologies enable automation on a smaller, more flexible scale, but they can help manufacturers compete in today’s rapidly changing global markets.

This paper examines the recent advances in mechanics and controls that are enabling the practical and economical application of lightweight robotics in today’s “new manufacturing” landscape.

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