White Paper: Transportation

Specifying Electronic Switches for Commercial Vehicles: 4 Key Considerations


Thinking about making a move to multiplexing in the electrical design of your next commercial vehicle? This new Carling Technologies white paper can help you quickly home in on important points of consideration. For example, there’s one fundamental, core issue that must not be overlooked. But one metro bus manufacturer did – and paid a cost. (Get all the details in this white paper.) And then there’s the pricing issue. Are electronic switching components really that much more expensive than their electromechanical counterparts? The answer is yes – and, no. In fact, a strong, factual case can be made, and is in this white paper, that when all factors are considered multiplexing can be the more economical design choice. And smarter business choice. All this, and more, is covered in this concise, to-the-point Carling Technologies white paper: Specifying Electronic Switches for Commercial Vehicles: 4 Key Considerations. Download your free copy now.

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