White Paper: Government

EMP/HEMP Filters: New Electronics Assembly-Level Solution in the Battle Against Intentional EMI and Electronic Warfare


The world’s most critical systems, including banking, transportation, energy, and government, now run on sophisticated digital systems and data centers, that leverage the vast networking infrastructure available in most modern countries. This critical infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to disruption, and even destruction, from high levels of electromagnetic interference, which may be caused by natural phenomenon, or the result of malicious intent. Though it may be impossible to predict both intentional and unintentional electromagnetic interference, it is not impractical to protect against it. A new class of electrical filters, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high altitude EMP (HEMP) filters, are designed to suppress the EMI onslaught from nuclear strike level events, and lesser forms of EMI. Unlike other EMP/HEMP protection systems, EMP/HEMP filters are able to be installed to protect specific electronics and electrical systems, and not just provide general protection at the facility level. This type of targeted protection may be the solution for many susceptible electrical systems, from commercial, industrial, government, and military that may otherwise remain unprotected.

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