White Paper: Electronics & Computers

Intelligent Switches Pave Path to Optimum Human-Machine Interface


With programmable displays, switches have evolved into a flexible, reliable, customizable interface that designers can acquire off the shelf. As electronic systems have become more advanced, sophisticated, and pervasive, designers are working to optimize the human-machine interface (HMI).

While there are many options available, such as touchscreens and voice control, they fall short of user expectations for visibility and reliable, point of action, tactile feedback in critical applications. What’s required is an HMI technology that combines the text and image flexibility and context-awareness of displays, with the user familiarity, reliability, and tactility of electromechanical switches.

SmartDisplay™ from NKK Switches combines the functionality of an electromechanical pushbutton or rocker switch with a fully programmable display for a space-saving, simplified, multi-function device. Combining multiple SmartDisplay products into a control panel solution creates a sub-system with the ability to handle multiple functions and complex communications.

NKK Switches has developed its SmartDisplay solutions to the point that the technology can be supplied as a fully programmed module that can be embedded directly into a system.

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