White Paper: Electronics & Computers

Teleoperation: Remote Operation of Connected & Autonomous Vehicles - Application Note


Innovators from around the world are trying to disrupt the automotive industry by developing autonomous vehicles, thereby removing the need of a human driver inside the vehicle and depending solely on the software algorithms and sensor data to make the driving decisions. There are many edge cases when the onboard computer struggles to decide what to do next.

Teleoperation enables a human to remotely take control of a connected vehicle in such scenarios and is going to be one of the critical support systems for a successful management of a fleet of connected and autonomous vehicles.

Applications are not just limited to supporting fleet management systems but also take a primary role in remote controlling vehicles that operate in hazardous environments like mines, excavation sites, etc.

In this application note, we will discuss how LTE and 5G enable teleoperation and how development and validation teams can test teleoperation in a lab environment.

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