White Paper: Electronics & Computers

Optimizing Laser Diode Control


Extremely low noise and stable output wavelength can be achieved with laser diodes using the proper techniques and design. Laser system integrators must have a good understanding of the application and how the laser diode and laser driver fit into the system. Optimized diode control will reduce wavelength instability, noise produced and added to the system, and keep the user safe to operate the equipment.

This application note will show the recommended operating techniques of laser diodes with laser diode drivers for optimum results. In a typical laser diode system, a driver (current source) is used to control the current from the power supply to the laser. The driver uses a feedback system from the laser or photodiode to correctly and accurately operate the laser. In this white paper, different aspects of the laser driver will be reviewed in detail for high performance operation. This includes temperature control, feedback mode selection, noise, packaging and grounding, modulation and pulsing, the power supply and driver, safety, troubleshooting and best practices.

Download the paper for detailed instructions on optimizing a laser diode system.

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