White Paper: Electronics & Computers

Power Electronics T&M Solutions


When selecting suitable passive and active components in the early development phases, an LCR meter is ideal for assessing capacitors and inductors. Developing converters and inverters requires test and measurement equipment that is flexible and accurate. A high-resolution oscilloscope provides both the necessary accuracy and the wide level range required.

This white paper describes solutions for component testing, converter and inverter design, EMI debug pre-compliance and compliance, verification and production testing, and service and field testing. These solutions are provided by standard lab equipment such as power supplies and power analyzers, multimeters, handheld oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and EMI test receivers.

Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes and power analyzers are designed for the production environment and the instruments are well suited for typical manufacturing verification tests. Solutions for EMC requirements range from initial EMI investigations in early-phase development to full EMC compliance measurements. For installation and service, Rohde & Schwarz supplies handheld oscilloscopes with the performance of laboratory instruments, ideal for all test requirements in the field.

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