White Paper: Motion Control

An "Under the Hood" Look at Technology Supporting the World's Fastest EV Dragster


As more EV engineers adopt a non-Hall-effect approach to measuring current in their li-ion battery management systems (BMS), some components from Isabellenhütte are getting a lot of attention.

The "smart shunt"-based approach delivered by products like the IVT series offers some significant advantages to EV manufacturers—and others developing high-performance BMS.

These advantages include:

  • Ability to measure AC and DC
  • High bandwidth
  • Good performance in overcurrent conditions
  • Lightweight / compact footprint
  • High accuracy over a large temperature range
  • Immunity to electromagnetic influence (EMI)

For the team behind the fastest EV dragster in the world, Huff Motorsports, these advantages proved invaluable as their team pursued a quest to break the 200MPH mark.

"The Isabellenhütte technology was the bridge that provided the critical data we needed to effectively control the dragster’s power," Jayson Glanville says. "It allowed AEM [Huff's LV controls designer] to help Huff Motorsports make history by safely breaking the 200 MPH mark for the very first time with an EV in the ¼ mile!"

To read more about that journey (and the technology that supported it) click here.

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