White Paper: Electronics & Computers

Multispectral Imaging Systems for Space, Military and Commercial Applications


Multiphoton imaging techniques and camera systems are serving industries with immediate definition improvements for a wide range of applications. Advanced devices utilize multi-spectrum cameras able to sense multiple frequencies of light selected from the electro-magnetic spectrum. This new technology is being applied across multiple industries and applications.

Spectral image analysis goes beyond the classical RGB (red, green, and blue) frequency cameras to include and utilize advantages of light beyond the human visible spectrum. Variations in camera designs can include frequencies such as x-ray, infrared, and ultraviolet image capturing and analysis. Modern image systems have borrowed methods from early spectrum analysis machines that used various light frequencies and material refractions during illumination to define elements within materials.

Spatial analysis includes the process of planning the size and sections of images being processed within the image collection. Camera and lens design begins with planning based upon desired frequency of refractions within minute sections of the image. Lens and filters are also designed for various different wavelengths able to be placed in an addressable matrix on the lens to match the technology.

This white paper highlights examples in the space, military, and commercial areas for multispectral imaging. It also discusses how spectral data management and routing to other circuitry within a system can be accomplished using Nano-D connectors and miniature wiring.

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