White Paper: Electronics & Computers

Simplified Fuel Cell Testing Made Easy


To determine the safety, service life, and minimum efficiency of fuel cells, various test procedures are necessary. However, the special requirements of fuel cells create challenges for electrical engineers. Thanks to a wide range of features, regenerative electronic loads from EA Elektro-Automatik simplify the test procedure for users.

The Built-in waveform generator simplifies the setup and testing of fuel cells by eliminating the challenge of interfacing a low power waveform generator into a high-power circuit. With the waveform generator, the ELR load can easily program sinusoidal variations on a DC load current to create the perturbations to measure fuel cell resistance. The waveform generator also can create square waves and ramps for performance and durability testing.

Autoranging capacity helps to reduce the cost of the required load as the wider voltage and current levels allow optimizing the power capacity to the capacity of the fuel cell. A higher power load is often not required to reach a higher voltage or current capacity. Regenerative Energy Recovery, with up to 96 % efficiency, saves the significant utility costs associated with a long-duration, accelerated life test of a high-power fuel cell. The cost savings maximizes the return on investment. In addition, the load can run cooler reducing stress on its electronic components. Power Control software enables quick and easy setup of a test without having to write any code.

In this white paper, we explain the benefits you can achieve with the built-in waveform generator, true autoranging, efficient mains feedback, and the EA Power Control software in detail.

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