White Paper: Power

The Future of Active Front End Drives


A variable frequency drive is an electronic device that allows for the control of speed in an electric motor. Depending on the application, having this ability can provide a number of benefits including improvements in process control, efficiency, and power factor. Reductions in latent heating as well as extended machine life due to its inherent soft starting ability may also be gained. VFDs are used in a multitude of applications from relatively simple applications like pumps and fans to more complicated applications, like dynamometers.

The evolution of VFD technology stems from the need to boost motor control performance and to provide clean, efficient use of line power. Recent advancements in VFD technology have made way for a drive using Matrix technology. A Matrix Drive is an all-in-one solution for extremely low harmonics and/or full regeneration.

This white paper details the Matrix Drive’s innovative low harmonic and regenerative technology and compares it to conventional and active front end (AFE) drive technologies.

Download now to:

  • Learn how Matrix technology differs from that of conventional 6 pulse drives and active front end drive technology.
  • Analyze laboratory performance results of Matrix drives vs. active front end drive configurations in terms of harmonic performance, regenerative capability, efficiency, and system footprint.
  • Dispel common myths regarding Matrix drive technology.

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