White Paper: Communications

Meeting the Connectivity Requirements of 5G mmWave Signals


Users demand more data. While growing in the 5G space is essential to maintaining competitive edge, it is also important to understand the limitations and risks of this ever-expanding technology standard.

While mmWave technology has been deployed for decades in specialized applications such as radar and satellite communications, the advent of 5G promises to put this technology into the hands of users needing more data for activities like streaming, gaming and remote learning. This technology brief looks at the emergence of new 5G standards for mobile cellular networks and how it has the potential to deliver a complete transformation of wireless communications.

In addition, it also covers major engineering challenges in designing for 5G and how to overcome them to fit connectors within the thin, lightweight enclosures that consumers demand.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of mmWave technology, and its potential wider impact on mobile communications, in this informative FAQ technology brief.

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