White Paper: Electronics & Computers

Key Technology Trends Driving the Medical Connector Market


The quality and reliability of electronic equipment is vital for every industry but it is especially critical in the medical industry where human life and safety depend on equipment operating as intended. This formidable responsibility not only impacts the device manufacturer but the suppliers of every enabling component.

Current medical market trends driving collaboration between medical device and connector manufacturers include increased demand for safety and regulatory compliance, lower-cost disposable solutions, higher-resolution imaging capabilities, and enhanced durability.

Device manufacturers rely heavily on their connector manufacturer partners to deliver solutions that will effectively drive their most innovative product designs while also meeting size, cost, performance, and compliance demands.

Connector suppliers often draw upon their experience in other areas of the diverse medical device industry as well as in other connector-critical market sectors — including the aviation, aerospace, and automotive industries — to overcome challenges and enable the next-generation of medical devices.

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