White Paper: Imaging

Building an Outdoor-Ready Vision System


The key to a successful all-in-one imaging system is the use of embedded systems – especially when it comes to designing a custom proprietary system. This white paper walks you through key elements to consider when designing an embedded vision system that can then be tailored to your specific application such Intelligent Transportation Systems, Unmanned Systems, outdoor Intelligent Security Systems, or any number of other challenging outdoor imaging scenarios.

Using separate components (camera and embedded computer) allows the system designer to select the best components to meet the needs of their specific application. With this as a starting point, the document covers selecting hardware, operating system, compatible vision software, and ensuring the system is scalable for widespread deployment. Then, it explores the vision aspect of the system with camera-centric considerations such as shutter type, framerate, bit depth, dynamic range, and noise specifications, and how to best leverage each of these parameters for outdoor use. Finally, it explores lensing options such as day/night lenses and variable iris lenses, lighting and filters, and how they can be used to bring out the required detail for different applications.

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