White Paper: Imaging

Photobiological Safety Measurements


In recent decades, advances in materials science and technology have substantially improved the quality of lighting products. LEDs, in particular, have become more rugged, with higher efficiencies and greater stability, and emit significantly higher optical power over a wide range of spectral regions. As a result, LEDs have found a place in many aspects of day-to-day life.

The growing concern over the physical repercussions of increasing human exposure has led to the creation of an international standard governing photobiological hazard assessment of lamps and lamp systems: IEC 62471, Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems.

The spectroradiometric measurements needed for standard compliance require complex instrumentation, not only for third-party laboratories, but also LED manufacturers in order to monitor these optical properties throughout the manufacturing process. Optronic Laboratories, Inc. has developed an IEC 62471 workstation using our modular OL 750 Series Spectroradiometer, which provides straightforward assembly, seamless measurement scans, and simple transitions from one measurement geometry to another.

This paper will describe the IEC 62471 standard and discuss how the OL 750D IEC 62471 Spectroradiometric Workstation can facilitate standard compliance for quality control laboratories and LED manufacturers alike.

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