White Paper: Automotive

What's Driving Automotive Traceability Today?


Manufacturers in the automotive industry are dealing with a variety of changes – new technologies, new automation strategies, new consumer preferences and even the advent of the driverless vehicle. As automobiles become more complex, the practice of marking and tracking works-in-progress – a practice known as traceability – is more crucial than ever before.

This white paper describes several traceability-related trends and challenges that automotive manufacturers face today. From the managing recalls more effectively to improving process control with automation, traceability plays a key role in every aspect of manufacturing. Setting up a real-time traceability system can be daunting, but it lowers costs and makes operations more efficient in the long run.

Download the paper today to discover strategies for keeping thorough tabs on automotive works-in-progress, processing traceability data without increasing production cycle time, and more!

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