White Paper: Automotive

Disruption is Here in Automotive and Ground Transportation: Are You Ready?


Connected, self-driving and electric vehicles are forging a totally different automotive industry from the one that has thrived for the past century. We are on the cusp of major disruption.

Hundreds of startup companies funded with tens of billions of dollars are rapidly bringing disruptive innovations to the industry and traditional incumbents are racing to respond. This upheaval can be an existential threat or a major opportunity, if one takes the right initiative and acts quickly.

Engineering simulation is a proven tool for accelerating technology development and has been used in the automotive industry for decades. These tools are ready and available for developing new technologies, such as lidars, radars, traction motors and lithium-ion batteries, and are expanding into use-cases such as physics based self-driving car closed loop simulators. Leveraging these capabilities will be the key to winning the race.

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