White Paper: Information Technology

The Critical Role of Data in Automotive Innovation


Data is crucial for every stage of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving development and has become a key differentiator in an industry undergoing significant transformation and increased competition in the journey to full autonomy.

Because of the important role data plays across ADAS and Autonomous Driving development, a data first approach is essential to make the most of investments in solutions that help optimize the collection, processing, and monetization of massive amounts of data, regardless of whether those investments are on-premises or in the cloud.

Many companies have adopted “cloud-first,” “cloud-only,” or fully on-premises strategies. While these strategies might be suitable for some use cases, there is an inherent problem with all of them that could limit the potential value of data and hinder the development process. These strategies might also limit your ability to take advantage of tools from other vendors. All these strategies answer the question of “Where should I store my data?” without considering the needs of the applications for that data.

When developing your strategy with a data first approach, it’s vital that key considerations are taken into account before determining where data should ultimately live. Key questions might include:

How to manage the data?

Who needs to access the data?

From where does this data need to be accessed?

How do I transfer data between different remote sites?

How long does this data need to be stored?

What public cloud capabilities, tools, and applications do I want to take advantage of?

Only after these critical questions are thoroughly considered and answered can you start to develop a data first strategy and finally address the question, “Where should my data live?” Ideally, this strategy will include the right mix of on-premises and cloud investments that will help you derive the most value from your data.

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