White Paper: Automotive

Why Spin Testing Matters for eDrive Systems


As the race for improved electric drives for electric vehicles, drones, and hybrid drive/propulsion systems accelerates, the need for testing of rotors used in high-speed electric motors is also on track for growth. Many nascent high-performance motors are designed to operate at much higher speeds than traditional units and require superior durability. Designing rotors that exhibit the structural integrity, proper balance, and durability to tolerate high-performance applications is becoming crucial to the advancement of eDrive technologies.

Propelled by political, technological, and economic factors, growing global demand for electric vehicles (EV) has accelerated the pace of development of eDrive systems. Automotive part suppliers are developing an increasing number of sizes and varieties of eDrive systems to meet the rising number of EV models offered by all major automotive manufacturers across the international market. This development and validation of reliable electric motors is a critical part of the eDrive system.

Offering a full range of spin testing services to meet clients’ developmental testing needs, Test Devices is an integral partner to their eDrive spin testing customers. As part of a developmental test program for a major eDrive manufacturer, Test Devices recently concluded 50,000+ heated cycles on a series of electric motor rotors in an effort to verify cyclic fatigue life. In addition to cyclic fatigue testing, the test program also involved a series of overspeed and burst tests to validate structural integrity.

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