White Paper: Mechanical & Fluid Systems

White Paper: How to Design a Retail Kiosk for Unattended Retail


Usage of unattended retail kiosks continues to expand beyond movies and snack foods into pharmaceuticals, electronics, games, cosmetics, and more. Within the framework of kiosk machines, products are picked and then transferred into the hands of customers. While designers, engineers, and builders of these kiosks put considerable focus into the front-end interface, this white paper explains key items that will help a design team when selecting the interior components for product delivery systems.

Readers will uncover parameters for various retail applications, three basic types of mechanical retrieval and delivery systems, factors contributing to “accuracy” and “repeatability,” and the tribological comparison of linear motion components. These areas help to determine the components and conditions under which the project will be completed. In addition, this guide offers real-world applicable examples of products impact, along with warnings and recommendations.

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