White Paper: Mechanical & Fluid Systems

White Paper: Linear Motion Design for Washdown Applications


PBC Linear manufactures a wide range of linear motion options that are capable of withstanding harsh conditions commonly associated with washdown applications. A washdown environment is one that utilizes cleaning with water, chemicals, or a mixture of these. This washdown process can include a simple cloth and bucket or more sophisticated high-pressure methods.

Common problems that arise from washdown applications include corrosion, rust accumulation, and bacterial build-up. These issues are often found in processing, packaging, and automation equipment. They are especially significant within industries that handle food, beverages, or pharmaceuticals, where standards and inspections are required.

In this white paper, we examine the sound engineering practices, design principles, and selection of mechanical linear motion components required to ensure top performance in sanitary, washdown, and chemically cleaned environments. The reader will be educated on standards and regulations, and how to eliminate potential bacteria hotspots while identifying the best materials for washdown situations.

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