White Paper: Test & Measurement

Finding the Right Manufacturer for Your Design


To receive a quality PCB, you need an efficient design and a manufacturer capable of producing it. This paper will examine the challenges and best practices associated with matching your design requirements to a manufacturer’s capabilities.

Your needs as a designer will vary depending on the board you are designing and the function for which it is intended. Each new design could require you to evaluate how your manufacturers can suit the project. Production deadlines, budget constraints, and project profile all play a role in the decision-making process.

Design engineers should be prepared to choose the most capable manufacturer—one that can deliver the right solution for your specific project. Keep in mind each design will bring unique challenges with it and no single manufacturer will be the right fit for every design. Vetting your PCB suppliers early on in your design cycle whenever possible will facilitate a smooth handoff from design to “best fit” board shop.

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