White Paper: Materials

3D Printing's Impact on the Value Chain


Over the past several decades, 3D printing has expanded into markets in unique ways as innovators have embraced the technology. It wasn’t until the last few years, however, that its potential has been more broadly realized. During this awakening, there has been a rise in claims that the technology will disrupt traditional value chains. However, most businesses who utilize 3D printing have not yet witnessed changes due to a slow moving shift in corporate leaders’ understanding of the technology’s business value.

In this new era of 3D printing, we are driving towards a production revolution – an Industry 4.0 where smart, digital production ecosystems communicate, interpret, evaluate and augment behaviors to drive better manufacturing. Looking toward the future, 3D printing aids in the advancement of this vision by acting as a key manufacturing component.

In this white paper, discover the present impact of 3D printing on the value chain and the future of manufacturing.

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