White Paper: Manufacturing & Prototyping

How to Use 3D Printing for Fast, Low-Cost Product Development and Iteration


Most people think of 3D printing as a mock-up tool. Sure — creating cheap, fast prototypes is an advantage, but it’s just a step on the way to injection molding for mass manufacturing. Now, industrial 3D printing services like Shapeways are upending that model. In a revolution in nimble product design and speed to market, 3D printing is enabling businesses to respond to customer needs in real time, without limitations like order minimums, complexity restrictions, quality issues, and long turnaround times. This paper explores how a drone maker and a robotics pioneer are using additive manufacturing to break new ground. Download now to learn how industrial 3D printing services can help you:

  • Take your business from product development to final production with a single manufacturing partner, allowing you to quickly and affordably scale
  • Continue to refine and improve your product offering, without accruing additional costs
  • Find the right combination of speed, quality, and price

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