White Paper: Green Design & Manufacturing

Small IPM Gearmotors: Not for Everyone, Ideal for Many


IPM’s overwhelming advantages over AC Induction motors, DC motors, and gearmotors used with variable speed drives, in conjunction with continued OEM customer demand to reduce operating costs, will lead to significant growth in the motor topology market share.

As in most instances, as volumes go up costs go down. This is especially true for IPM motors, which typically use over 20% less steel and copper than comparable AC induction motors, with the magnet cost representing only about 10% of the total motor cost. Theoretically, IPM is a less expensive motor topology than AC induction.

If your design requirements call for fixed speed, and energy efficiency is of little concern, then IPM gearmotors are probably not for you. Otherwise, internal permanent magnet gearmotors are worthy of your consideration.

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