White Paper: Robotics, Automation & Control

PCB Design for Smarties


Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) support the functionality of just about every working electronic device in use today. They are integral to every professional discipline from mechatronics to robotics and process automation. If you want to make something that does something, PCBs are likely a component of your product design.

With boards getting smaller and demands on them increasing, off-the-shelf PCBs probably will not provide the functionality you need for your next project.

Say you’re an electrical engineer or a rocket scientist in a small shop, part of a lean

product team, or building the next big thing in a makerspace. You’re expert in a lot of

areas, but not necessarily PCB design. You need a specific function out of a PCB, you need it now, and ready access to an experienced PCB designer is not at hand. This is a challenge we see every day.

First in a series of white papers, PCB Design for Smarties will share our expertise on the subject, helping you move forward to your next project, confident there will be smooth sailing from design through manufacturing.

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