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PCB Assembly for Smarties


Our For Smarties series concludes with the fun part—PCB assembly. It is time to stuff the bare board with components and put it to work.

You’ve successfully navigated the process from board design through manufacturing, but even experienced makers can hit a snag at assembly.

This paper will offer strategies for ensuring a smooth assembly process that produces a quality product. Pretty much every electronic device needs functional components for power regulation, I/O interfaces, and processing. When we connect these components with the wiring of your PCB, the result is a printed circuit assembly (PCA). At this stage of the game, the PCA needs to do its job for the end product. In terms of time, money, and reputation, the cost of a do-over after assembly is more than at the design or prototyping phases—especially at higher volumes. A PCA with performance problems at this point could result in delayed order fulfillment, project cost overruns, or a competitor beating your product to market. That’s why choosing your assembler wisely is so important. A reliable assembly partner will help you avoid costly failures and defective, improperly installed components.

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