White Paper: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Design FAQ: Understanding the Value of Protective Packaging Standards for Hard Cases


ANSI, ISO, IEEE, NIST, UL … you probably recognize most of the acronyms for these well-known standards organizations. They establish specifications for various products that ensure they are fit for their purpose. For the most part, standards make life simpler and safer. But standards can also be complex and confusing.

That’s very true for custom hard cases. They are built and tested to several standards, ensuring the cases will provide the protection you expect. But case standards sometime overlap or are redundant, making it difficult to know how they relate to your case requirements.

This technical brief was created to address some of the most commonly asked questions relating to hard case standards, including:

  • Which standards should I focus on?
  • Will following the standards ensure the safety of my case contents?
  • How helpful are the standards when I specify case design features?

This Tech Brief will help you make better decisions in designing.

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