White Paper: Manufacturing & Prototyping

CMM Retrofit Reduces Cycle Time by 60%


Precision Machine & Auto Components (PMAC) is one of India’s most respected manufacturers of large, high-quality mechanical components. PMAC’s manufacturing base is in an area prone to heavy rains and cyclonic storms. One of its two factories, which houses its coordinate measuring machine (CMM) facility, was severely flooded. The company’s CMM, while rendered inoperable due to water damage, still had an operational frame and could be salvaged.

PMAC had to act fast to find an alternative solution. The company chose Renishaw’s REVO® 5-axis measurement system to retrofit the water-damaged CMM machine. After deciding to purchase the system, PMAC’s CMM was retrofitted within just six weeks from order placement.

The 5-axis measurement technology embedded in Renishaw’s UCC S5 CMM controller lies at the heart of the retrofit for PMAC, synchronizing the 3 axes of the CMM with the two additional rotary axes of the REVO-2 probe head. By programming the REVO-2 head to perform the fastest acceleration and deceleration motion during the inspection process while leaving the CMM to move in a slower linear fashion, the REVO 5-axis system minimized dynamic deflections and inertia loads on PMAC’s machine frame.

Unlike alternative systems based around indexing heads or fixed probes, the 5-axis motion enables the stylus to follow a continuous path around even the largest and most complex features, without having to leave the surface to change stylus or re-index the head.

By comparing the performance of the 5-axis Renishaw CMM retrofit with that of the brand new 3-axis CMM for a range of different PMAC parts, it was determined that the cycle time saving of the 5-axis system was, on average, 40% and sometimes as much as 60%. The retrofitted CMM was constantly monitored for the first month of operation and no errors in performance were detected. A year later, during the CMM’s annual maintenance check, it was confirmed that the machine had run flawlessly.

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