White Paper: Tubing & Extrusion

White Paper: Hardened Steel Shafting Comparison


Every linear bearing application requires a linear shaft as the inner raceway. Often it is overlooked, or merely considered insignificant. There are also times during the procurement stages when linear shafting is quite often thought to be a commodity, or all the same. The truth is that all three of these scenarios can lead to premature system failure and high costs for maintenance time and replacements.

This White Paper discusses the independent study conducted by the Ferdinand von Steinbeis Technical Institute of Stuttgart, Germany. It includes a synopsis on the hardened steel RC60 Linear Shafting™ from PBC Linear compared with an industrial leading brand of linear shafting. Elements detailed in this study include Dimensional Data, Surface Finish Data, and Hardness Data.

Spoiler alert! Overall, the RC60 Linear Shafting from PBC Linear held a range 73% better than the leading brand, and repeatedly tested in an average range 50% greater than the competition for surface finish consistency.

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