White Paper: Manufacturing & Prototyping

eBook: Linear Bearing Selection Guide


With so many types, designs, and sizes of bearings for engineers and designers to choose from, it is almost certain there will be a product that exactly fits their requirements. The challenge they face, however, is determining which products to consider in their initial design and sizing efforts.

This eBook offers a thorough guide to selecting the most appropriate bearing for your application, choosing from one of three basic bearing types that includes plain, recirculating ball, and cam rollers. We first take a look at the technology behind each of the three main linear bearing types, and then apply five key criteria to help ensure the design has the best linear motion solution.

Key performance criteria for choosing a linear bearing include the environment, load and life, speed capability, precision, and installation and maintenance. Within each of these sections of unique criteria, the user can uncover which bearing will the superior performance.

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