White Paper: Aerospace

Custom Built Machines Increase Employee Safety, Speed Up Production, and Save You Money


A lot of companies shy away from custom machine builds because they believe them to be more expensive than simply selecting a pre-built off-the-shelf machine. This is typically not the case. Custom built machines solve quite a lot of production issues such as automation, increasing safety, speeding up production, upgrades, and more. They are also perfect when nothing off the shelf will meet your requirements and they can effectively bridge the gap between an off-the-shelf production machine and a need that it cannot fulfill for a specific process or production line.

However, occasionally upper management may need a bit of convincing that the rewards will outweigh the upfront costs. The management team will be highly concerned with the impact of the new machine on the company’s bottom line and we have included a few tips in this whitepaper that can help you guide their decision as well as a quick way to calculate the new machine’s ROI.

We also go over how to choose the right company to design and build your new machine. Choosing the right custom machine design company is incredibly important. You need a seasoned manufacturer that will be able to give you an accurate quote as well as build the machine to fulfill your specific needs in the most efficient manner possible.

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